Time, Time Studio

Studio 26.01.16

Our first assignment in the Time Studio explored the nature of time, its relationship with our senses, the passage of time and began with the question: can you tell the time?

The students were asked to close their eyes and respond to three pieces of music, each lasting 15 minutes, while they continued to write or draw their thoughts, calculating the passage of time. Here are the pieces we used:

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Time, Time Seminar



Much of what you read here come from conversations with my students on the first day of the ‘Time Semester’.

How do you teach concepts that, on the face of it, appear to be simple? But teaching about Time is far from simple – where do you begin and more importantly how do you begin? I had planned to introduce my students to a basic understanding of time in relation to the past, present and future, time as linear, and the ways in which we have, over the centuries documented time.

I began this class with a question on the board: What is Time? The students responded to this question by speaking of a ‘storehouse’ of moments and it was through an opening of the storehouse that we were able to calculate and understand time. The students felt that it was memory that controlled time. This was much further than I hoped they would be, the prospect of this conversation and the evolution of this conversation was an exciting prospect. And so it seemed fitting to introduce different ideas into the equation – and so I introduced the idea of space. What was the relation of time and space? Could time work in isolation? Does space relate to Time? And how? Does time have a form?

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