Time, Time Seminar, Time Studio

Bollywood & Shakespeare

16slide4.jpg“Masala means many things and conjures up many associations. For Westerners, it suggests exotic eastern spices and flavours. That sense is apparent also in the word’s most widespread metaphorical use in India — to add masala to a story is to give it, through embellishment or exaggeration, an extra spicy flavour. This association with food has a long history: ‘masala’ derives, through Urdu and Persian, from the Arabic masalih, meaning ingredients. But there are other meanings lurking in the term. The spiciness of masala often hints at the heat of desire. And ‘masala’ more precisely means a mixture — originally a mixture of different ground spices, but more metaphorically any kind of diverse mixture — for example, of an Indian growing up in Britain with a masala of cultural influences.”



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