Time, Time Seminar, Time Studio

Reading of Our Many Indian Identities

“So what’s the book all about? Without giving much away, it’s about the way in which a film about three-brothers-lost-and-then-found made around 1977 managed to provide us with a glimpse of a new India emerging from the debris of an older one riven with communal and political strife. The film, the authors claim, has to be read against the ambiguous moment of the Emergency where an older, much-valorised nationalist political ethos gave way to a newer, younger one. The coming together of the brothers and the family out of a miasma of crime and economic dereliction is also the emergence of a new Hindustan out of its troubled/divided pasts. One of the interesting ways in which such a change is tracked is the play within the film between locations in ‘old Bombay’ (mainly Bandra) and the emerging suburbs around Borivali. Such a reading seems particularly felicitous given the manner in which cascades of northern suburbs of the city rose into economic and cultural prominence in the post-emergency era all the way to becoming the dynamo for Mumbai Global of the 1990s and 2000s.”



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