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Seven Stories – One Narrative


What does Integrative Seminar do? How is it paired with the Studio? These were some of the questions we led the class with to get students aquatinted with the workings of the Studio and the Seminar for Semester 1.

The student introduced themselves, talking about the things they love and the things they don’t love very much, the things that make them tick and the world at large.  Drawing from these we were able to move closer to the addressing the key question that we will work on for the next few weeks: Who Am I? These introductory classes usually allow students time to begin to think about the difference between the Self and a self. How do we come to understand who we are – are we different people at different times? Do spaces control our interpretation of our Selves? Can Self and Space be disconnected?

The students and I spent some time looking out of the windows, watching the grey clouds roll in, people moving across spaces, the geometry of buildings against the fluidity of the trees that surround us, the city – living and breathing before us. How do we look at the world? Do we see the world? We spoke about the difference between looking and seeing – and as an example we spoke about memory as one of the keys that open the imagination of the Self.

The students worked on two 7 word stories as they saw scenes unfold before them. Using these we stretched the exercise to include 7 words that come to define who we are and arranged them in order of the the most relevant to the least relevant. The students were given homework for the next session – take 7 photographs of people, places, spaces, things etc that come to represent these 7 words and draw out from these instances when the chosen word was at its best.




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