Integrative Seminar


Words, like the Self, can be many things simultaneously – they can take on new meanings when the spaces that surround them begin to change – they can morph and alter their shapes.

Today, we looked at the ways in which our Keywords, that are seemingly simple, can come to mean so many different things and with each new meaning they take on new forms and shapes. How can we best use these keywords? What are the keywords that seem closest to our experience of our Selves? The students of the First Year Studies for Integrative Seminar I reimagined these words by sharing their experiences of the keywords, creating tributaries of new and interesting meanings.

Using the 7 characteristics, what we should call our ‘frame words’, the students shared their definitions for who they are, what they do and how these words could best uncover the meaning of the statement – Who Am I?  When we think about ourselves and the words that come to define us we turn back to the old questions – what is the difference between looking and seeing?

We led the class by asking the question – is this frame word the best way to explain who I am?  Can we find more precise ways of answering the questions of the Self? How can we make best use of our words? Are these words large strokes of an emotional experience? Can our experiences be controlled by a single word? Or do these words need to be finer, more distilled?
Here is a video that should be quite helpful:

Taking our exercise to the next stage we begin now to go back to our question and find new ways of expressing and understanding meaning, words and the elusive self.



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