Integrative Seminar


When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, Time, as we know it, began to take on new dimensions and her relationship with it began to change; just as her relationship with Space began to alter too. How do Time and Space interact with each other? Can they exist in voids? When they come together what makes them move?

Alice who is dis-located from Time and Space as she knows it begins to draw out the familiar through the lens of the unfamiliar – she talks about Geography and her cat, for example, to explain her current position in the world.

We have spoken about time as form, as formless, as linear and circular, time as an expression of memory and time and its relationship with language. These are some of the ways in which we understand time. But how does space determine action and movement? Can space be independent of time and memory? Is time, physical time, determined by the outside?

But why is this important to us? Why does Alice serve as such a good example as the exploration of the internal and the external self? As the conflicting and unrecognisable self? Alice’s adventures which begin at the top of the rabbit hole take us far into the workings of the human mind as it begins to engage with the ideas of the Self, of the new and many Selves. David Hume in the 17th century talked about the impressions of the Self, what are these impressions and what then is the Self?

Here is video that will probably explain the complexities of Time:




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