Integrative Seminar I Fall 2016

The students of the First Year Studies attend the Integrative Seminar I, a course that links the Integrative Studio I; with a focus on reading, thinking and making. It is through this link that students are able to understand cross disiplinary skills and creative problem-solving. Through the semesters the students are led through a series of reading, responding and writing assignments that allow for them to explore and engage with the complexities of design thinking. The course is structued to allow for a sharing of ideas between the Studio and Seminar classes.

With a focus on writing, the Seminar program works on themes and ideas that can facilitate learning and encourage students to unpack the multiple ways of seeing. The course encourages students to engage with research based writing skills and through a series of lectures we approach and encounter these ideas.

The Integrative Seminar I is a 3-hour liberal arts seminar paired with a 6-hour studio class. The two courses, taught by different instructors, share a common group of students. The goal of the course pairing is to emphasize making as thinking in both writing and studio contexts. In order to maintain a connection between the Seminar and Studio, instructors will work with a rule set that both helps guide the activity in the course, and the way that instructors will interact with each other outside of class.

Student Document Integrative Seminar I