The students of the First Year Studies at ISDI-Parsons, Mumbai, spend a semester thinking about Time. The Time Seminar, which runs during the semester, is an attempt to begin a conversation on the ideas of time. Drawing from concepts of Time and time measurement in both Science and Philosophy, our impetus for this course is to expose students to the ideas of Time in design, art, philosophy, film and literature. We hope, that through the course of the semester students are able to create an understanding of the notional ideas of time, where time works through an Einsteinian idea of relativity – where the time of A is not the same as the time of B.

While the Studio will look at more ‘doing’, the Seminar lectures will support these through studies and close reading of various texts, films, art works, forms of writing and artists working with the concepts of time. While the Seminar runs ‘separately’ from the Studio it is imperative to mention that the Seminar acts as a support for the Studio. Many of our students come to us without any knowledge of Art History, archives and museums, time keeping methods and ideas that come to form the base of any critical discussion on Time. We feel a need to allow the students to think more deeply about these ideas through more concentrated discussions. The Seminar lectures draw from the Studio classes as a thinking program.

Time Spring 2016 Student Document